Sunday, October 9, 2011

{31 Days to a Functional Kitchen} Day 9: Oven Lifesaver

When we purchased our new home, I was saddened to see that the appliances were not stainless steel and that the stove was electric not gas.  That being said, I loved my gas stove top in my last house but hated the gas oven.  The temperature was never consistent which made baking and roasting a nightmare.  I was very excited to have an electric oven again.

Inside my new oven was the most amazing "kitchen gadget" I had ever seen...a non-stick oven liner.  Think about it, something runs over and bakes on to the bottom of the oven.  With this liner, you pull it out wipe it off and put it back.  No toxic cleaners.  No scraping and scrubbing.  No getting on your hands and knees to stick your head inside the oven. 

Simply pull it out, wipe it off and put it back.  So wonderful!!!

The best part - you can pick one up for just $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It has a Teflon finish, is dishwasher safe and can be cut to size.

Highly recommend this simple, "why didn't I think of that" gadget before you use your oven again!


  1. Oh oh oh...I just saw some of this in my kids Charleston Wrap school fundraiser for only $15! NEAT! Clean up my kitchen and help my kids school too!

  2. I got the Chef'splanet nonstick ovenliner from BB. But it states that I need to use it on a wire rack. Does your mat lay on your oven floor?


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