Monday, October 24, 2011

{31 Days to a Functional Kitchen} Day 24: Coffee Bar

We are on day 24 of my 31 day series and I will say, nothing really functions at my house until I have a cup of coffee!  On Mother's Day my kids gave me a Keurig.  It is awesome.  It is like having my very own coffee bar right in my kitchen.  I still love Starbucks, but I love being able to roll out of bed and have a cup of wonderful coffee in my hands within a couple of minutes.  Better yet, my kids have even learned to use the machine and insist on being our Batista's!!!

This is my coffee bar.  It contains a carousel with our coffee supply, our wonderful coffee maker, filtered water and our cups!  Everything I need for my morning cup of coffee - well besides my flavored creamer which is just inside the refrigerator door!  I am addicted to sugar-free french vanilla creamer although we are really looking forward to the peppermint mocha creamers that come out during the holidays.

I am not big on a strong, bitter coffee.  I like the milder blends and really like a flavored coffee.  Some of our favorites are french vanilla, caramel and there is even a Kahlua flavored coffee that is exceptional.  The beauty of the Keurig is that whatever we are in the mood for, we can have whatever we want since we are making one serving at a time.

Right above our "coffee bar" is our supply cabinet.  This is where we keep our extra k-cups and travel mugs.  I love using the travel mugs because they don't spill and are insulated which keeps my coffee warmer longer.  The green basket (from the Dollar Spot at Target) is where we keep overstock of our K-Cups although I will admit, we have A LOT more stored in the pantry.

If you have a Keurig, you know that the K-cups (the individual portioned coffee grounds) can be somewhat expensive.  Here are a couple of tricks we have learned...
  • Costco - the machine and coffee is significantly cheaper than anywhere else.  The biggest draw back is that the selection is very limited.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond - BBB has a nice selection of coffee choices and when you use a 20% off coupon the price is very competitive.  I love BBB because you can use up to 5 coupons per order and they even accept expired coupons so save them up until you need to restock.
  • Office Max/Office Depot/Staples - the office supply stores are a great place to purchase k-cups.  They also regularly have coupons.  Be sure to sign up for their reward programs watch their ads and emails for great savings.
We love our new private coffee bar!  No longer do we throw out half a pot of coffee nor do we have to suffer because we didn't make enough for a second or third cup!  It is great when our parents are visiting too because we can make them a fresh cup of decaf in no time flat!

Do you have a life saving station set up in your kitchen? 

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