Thursday, October 13, 2011

{31 Days to a Functional Kitchen} Day 13: 25 Spices

I came across a couple of different lists of the must have spices in the kitchen.  After reviewing the lists, I decided to make my own.  If I could only have 25 spices in my kitchen, this is what i would have.
Bed Bath & Beyond

  1. Allspice
  2. Basil
  3. Bay Leaves
  4. Cayenne
  5. Chili Powder
  6. Cinnamon--Ground and Stick
  7. Cloves
  8. Cream of Tartar - I have an amazing sugar cookie recipe I promise to share soon
  9. Cumin
  10. Curry Powder
  11. Dill Weed
  12. Fennel Seed
  13. Garlic Powder
  14. Ginger--Ground
  15. Herbs De Provence
  16. Italian Seasoning
  17. Nutmeg--Ground and nuts
  18. Onion Powder
  19. Oregano
  20. Paprika
  21. Black Peppercorns - whole
  22. Red Pepper Flakes
  23. Rosemary
  24. Sage
  25. Yellow Mustard
I will admit, in addition to the spices above - I also love the McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak and Lemon Pepper seasoning blends.  They are awesome for burgers, steak, chicken and pork on the grill.

What are your go-to spices and herbs?

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