Monday, October 10, 2011

{31 Days to a Functional Kitchen} Day 10: Pots & Pans Storage

Oh how I would love to have another bridal shower.  After nearly 10 years, many of our wedding gifts are beginning to show their age and could really stand to be replaced.  In particular, our pots and pans.  Years of usage and improper storage have taken their toll.

Over time, the Teflon finish on pots and pans begins to peal and deteriorate.  The two biggest factors in this is utensils scraping against the surface and incorrect storage.  I think we all know that metal utensils can cause damage to the non-stick surface.  However, when it comes to storage, we generally toss them in the lone available cupboard.  We stack them up, one inside another and even toss in the lids.  Face it, space is limited and we do the best we can.  But, this constant scraping and banging against each other also wears on that non-stick surface.

A while back I was searching around the kitchen cabinet storage section at Lowes and saw some amazing solutions.  I have this one on my wish list as it will allow me to not only protect my pots and pans, it will double the storage space by taking advantage of the vertical space.
While this solution is upwards of $100 to $150, I found several other options that also maximize space while protecting your pots and pans.

 I love the simple stand to stack the pans while making them completely accessible.

Totally inexpensive, DIY solution using an upper cabinet.

 Great solution if cabinet space is limited, wall space is available (and your pans look nice)

Custom design shelving to fit your cabinet and storage needs.

I have seen racks specially made to hold lids but love that this is simply an inexpensive towel bar.

What are you doing to protect your expensive pots and pans? 
Are you able to maximize the limited space in your cabinets?

Assignment: Look at your space and determine ways 
you can better store your pans and utilize your space.

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