Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainbow Pool Party: Part 2

Friday I gave you a fun little sneak peek at the fun rainbow themed pool party we threw for our girly today. The party was a HUGE hit and of course, the girl was in heaven.

 I really despise goody bags at birthday parties.  They are generally filled with a bunch of trinket trash and penny candy (I know, that shows my age as NO candy is a penny anymore).  That being said, of course we had to have a parting gift for our gracious little guests.  I generally like to spend a touch more and give the kids one slightly larger item.  Since we were tasting the rainbow on this party, I bought regular sized bags of Skittles and placed them inside dollar store paper treat bags - 10 for $1.  We decorated the bags with more pinwheels in rainbow colors.  I love the display on the bench (my Dad made for us) in the front entry!

I love so many of the really fun party food displays all over blogland with colorful backdrops for the food table with fabric or streamers.  Well, with the rainbow theme, crepe paper was a no-brainer - 6 colors for $6 and we are good to go!  I measured the wall to determine how long to make the streamers so they hang just below the table.  Then I simply folded them over a piece of shoe molding that was left in the garage when we bought the house.  I stapled each piece and hung it up using string and 3 push pins.  Easy peasy lemon squeasy!  I love the effect.

We kept the food simple as we knew we would be outside most of the time.  We ordered a 6' sub from Fry's and I made a rainbow striped fruit tray, a colorful veggie tray, chips, and dip.  My favorite dip was the homemade tomatillo salsa I had canned HERE.  Yummy!

I definitely had a lot of fun with the sweet treats.  I made a rainbow layer cake and chocolate cake balls along with a glass filled with skittles.  I look forward to sharing some of the tricks and tips I have for making these tasty treats!

My hubby's duty for the party was to be the lifeguard and pool monitor.  While the parents stuck around, we knew it was important that we make sure that all of the kids were safe.  And why is it that when you are looking for something you know you have seen a zillion times, you can't find a single one.  I checked 4 or 5 places for a Lifeguard shirt.  Since I couldn't find one, I headed over to JoAnn Fabrics and picked up a $2.50 red shirt and some iron-on letters for $3 and made one myself.  A little zinc oxide on the nose and whistle (the very same whistle that used as a lifeguard from ages 14-24!) and he was a hit!

Who doesn't want an ice cream cart at their summer pool party?  The cart was loaded with dilly bars and other novelty treats from DQ.  So much fun!!! If you are in Tucson - make sure to call the DQ on Tanque Verde to have this cart at your party!

It was such a fun day and our birthday girl had an awesome time celebrating with her friends.  We truly enjoyed the company of their parents too!  We have incredible friends!

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  1. I love it! I'm planning the same party for my daughter's birthday so thanks for the great pics/ideas :)

  2. looks like so much fun. i bet your daughter will be talking about her special day for weeks.

  3. Oh my goodness everything turned out so cute!!! I love your rainbow cake and your rainbow backdrop for the food table. And the pinwheels and cute!!!

  4. What a great party. I'm sure they all made a splash - I mean had a blast!

  5. Hi there! Visiting from Centsational Girl. This is such a fun party and you did a great job with the details. I absolutely love DQ and wish we had a cart option like that here in ATLANTA. I may never return it though!



  6. You did a really great job on this party! Stopping by from Not JUST a Housewife.

  7. Okay - now this has to be my new favorite party because it has two of my three latest obsessions: pinwheels and rainbows! Thanks for sharing - what a fabulous party :-)

  8. What a cute party! I love it all, especially the wreath on the front door--so CUTE!

  9. Wow! What lucky kids you have! :)

  10. Ice cream cart on a pool party – that’s perfect! This is the kind of party one should have on a hot summer day. Your little girl surely had a blast. What about this year? Thinking of another summer pool party for her?

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