Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kid's Room Monogram Walls

From the moment I saw the aisle with giant cardboard letters at JoAnn's I was in love!  I didn't know how or where, but I was going to have those in my house!  Then along came my baby girl and I knew, the letters had a home. 

I started with an "S" and painted it purple to go with the Finding Nemo/Little Mermaid "under the sea" theme of her room.  It was a fun added touch above her brand new, big girl bed.  The purple looked great against the turquoise walls with the fish decals from Pottery Barn and the Pier 1 stuffed fish hanging from the ceiling.

Bubba Z got a Z when  he was born.  The awesome red "Z" went above the spare bed in his room.  Loved it against the khaki walls.

In the new house, of course the monograms became an integral part of the kids rooms.

In the girly's room, I found some awesome old school Home Interior butterflies at the thrift store.  We brought them home and sprayed both the butterflies and the S with some watermelon spray paint.  They help to carry the butterfly theme in her pink and green room!

In Bubba Z's room, the awesome red Z was paired with a fun name plaque using photography from Leo Reynolds.  I first saw this fun idea of using Leo's unbelievable collection of letter photos in a guest post by My 3 Monsters on Under the Table and Dreaming.  I found the frame at Goodwill with 4 openings which was perfect.  So fun!

Just curious, does anyone else have a love affair with the letter aisle?  After doing the Alphabet Wall I think I need to chill on the use of letters - they may just take over!

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  1. I love that aisle too! I just need more wall space! :o)

  2. I put pictures all over them then a glaze to finish and the look amazing we spelled family the had a letter per siblings family turned out great


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