Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Hot!: {Homemade Crayons}

It is HOT in Arizona!  Today's forecast is for 104+! 
The perfect kind of day for Day 1 of...

Today we made homemade crayons - IN THE CAR!  So, to give you and idea of how hot it can get in the car, I placed my oven thermometer in the car.  Check it out (and ignore how nasty dirty the thermometer is).

You read that right, just under 200 degrees and a little after I took this photo it was actually 200!  Crazy hot!

Park your car in full sunlight during the hottest part of the day!  Then, we started with the Crayon Box where mismatched, broken and lost crayons go to die!  Oh, wait, I guess they live to see another day after a little makeover (hee hee).

Next, we tore back the paper and broke them up into small pieces.  Then we placed them into our mold, a silicone ice cube mold we used a while back to make crayons in the oven.  NOTE:  Once you use these for crayons, that is all they are good for as there is a waxy residue that will not come off.

Then we placed them in the back window of the car.  Next time, I would put them on the front dash as, living in Arizona, our rear windows are heavily tinted which does take away some of the heat factor (front windows are not allowed to be heavily tinted).

Fortunately, the car was plenty hot.  Within an hour our crayons were mostly melted.  NOTE:  Quality of crayons makes a big difference.  The red and blue crayon I used were from a restaurant while the others were Crayola.  Crayola melts much easier and more consistently.  The others separated into wax and solids.

We brought them in and to speed along the solidification, I placed them in the freezer for 10 minutes or so.  Then we popped them out of the mold!

Here is my insight!

* Crayons make the difference.  If possible, use Crayola or at least mix your crayons.

* These can be made in a muffin tin as well.  Would be best to use a liner so as not to ruin your pan.

* Your temps do not need to be over 100 like here in Arizona.  During the heat of the day, make sure your car is parked in full sun-light and it is closed up tight.  It may take longer to melt but trust me, the crayons will melt even on an 80 degree day!

Have fun!  See you tomorrow for another fun {made it in the car} project!

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  1. oh how cool is that?! Can't wait to try this ... it's supposed to be 95 tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. OMG that is HOT!!!
    What a cool (haha) idea!
    Would you like to share this post at our Weekly Playdate link party? It would be a fantastic addition!
    You'll find the party here:

    Come & Play :: Playdate

  3. Such a cool idea!! I want to try this. BUT WOW your car must have been flaming!!

    XO Lindsay

  4. Love the idea of doing these in the car! I have made these before and the quality of the crayons definitely makes a difference!
    Lowri :-)

  5. How fun! I know our car gets hot enough to melt crayons ~ since I've had to scrape accidentally-melted ones out of the cup holders near the kids' seats ~ but doing it in molds on purpose is such a fun idea!

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  6. Love that you made them in the car instead of the oven. . . the kids will love that!! This is on my to do list!! I just pinned this post to my Pinterest board!!

  7. Thanks again for this awesome idea! We did it today and it was a big hit.


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