Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Party Sneak Peek

Preparations are under way for the girly's big 6th birthday party tomorrow.  The rainbow is slowly starting to explode all over my house and I just had to share a couple of sneak peaks at the decor as I am having so much fun putting this all together.

Since our forever house has an awesome swimming pool and her birthday party is during the hot, hot, hot days of summer in Arizona, it was a natural to do a pool party.  The secondary theme for the party is rainbows! The decorations are colorful and fun. Using a couple of packages of scrapbook paper, some crepe paper, ribbon and balloons, I made a variety of fun summer, birthday and rainbow inspired decorations.

After seeing the fun balloon wreaths and curly ribbon wreaths HERE, HERE, and HERE, I knew this would be a fun addition. So off to the Dollar Tree to pick up the supplies. They no longer had the styrofoam wreaths so I used a vine wreath and simply pulled one of the ribbons to tie around the wreath and then I tacked each set of ribbons with a dot of hot glue to hold them in place. I added a pennent banner to carry out the summer rainbow theme of the party. I love this wreath as it is so festive and fun. It can be used over and over for any party by simply changing out the banner and pinwheel to fit the party theme.

The garland was made by using a package of colorful die-cuts that were arranged in a rainbow pattern and sewed together again with the sewing machine. (I may not be able to sew clothes that well, but I can sew a mean piece of paper.) I have had these laying around for nearly 5 years so at this point, I consider this garland FREE! Yay! You could use a circle punch and make them out of any scrapbook paper. Very fun and oh so easy!

What is a party without a birthday banner. Using the same idea as the garland, I cut out some multi-colored triangles and sewed them together using my sewing machine in a rainbow pattern. Since I don't have a fancy die-cutting machine I simply used some scrapbook stickers for the letters. Again, using things I already had on hand, this project was virtually free! I also made a few pinwheels (such a fun summer icon) to hid the tack points for the banner and add a fun festive design.

Adding some color to the bannister, I decided to try sewing some fun ruffled garland using crepe paper.  Dana-Made-It (aka MADE) shared an awesome tutorial on how to do this.  Even for this very novice sewer, this was a really easy project (once I figured out which buttons on my machine adjusted the tension and stitch length.  I made one garland using red, yellow and orange and another with blue, green and purple.  I then layed them together back to back and twisted them so they have a rainbow effect.  To secure them on the ends I made a simple tissue paper poof by accordian folding 8 or so sheets of tissue, rounded the ends, secured in the middle with some wire and then separated the layers.  (I remember making versions of these with my mom as a kid.)

There is SOOOOOOOO much more to do so I better get to work.  The laundry is all over the living room, bathrooms need to be cleaned, I need to run to the store for some last minute supplies and, and, and.  The list is a mile long but I just couldn't wait to share the rainbow!!! See you after the party!

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  1. Very cute! Love the wreath and the garland!

  2. Love your blog, wonderful, wonderful ideas Lori. I will be a follower now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas, they are all awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! We would love to have you link up with us on Sunday for our Strut Your Stuff party!
    Hope to see you there!

  4. how awesome!!!! such a great idea

  5. Cute! I did a rainbow party for my daughter's first birthday- I wish I'd seen your posts before. You have a lot of great ideas. Visiting from Skip to my Lou.

  6. Love your blog!! Its so cute!!! I am your newest follower!!! :) I would love it if you checked out my blog and followed me too!! :) I am so excited to start blogging and share my ideas on food, crafts, and mineral make-up. I will also be doing giveaways on stuff, like mineral make-up. So look out for it!

  7. I found your blog through Under the Table & Dreaming and I LOVE your rainbow birthday party ideas!! They're adorable, affordable, and easy!

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. This is what my house is starting to look like for our rainbow themed dessert table. I have some of the garland already made and I'm working on the banner and too many other projects.

  9. the wreath is adorable! I love the rainbow colors & the addition of the pinwheels and circles on the banner! Thanks for linking up to the Summer Safari!

  10. Thanks a ton for sharing the rainbow birthday party sneak peek here. The photos made me smile as I too want to use this theme for my son’s upcoming birthday and here I have got many ideas for this bash. Now I just need to book one of the best Venues in San Francisco.


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