Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Hot! Hot! Hot! Summer Series!

It is HOT here in Arizona!  Like crazy blistering hot and trust me when I say, we will see nothing less than this kind of heat until September or October.  Ugh!!!!!  Major Ugh!!!!!

This is today's 7-day forecast - and last week
this read over 110 every day!  Yikes!

It is the time of year when you make sure you empty your car after every trip out. 

Leave a closed can or bottle of carbonated beverage - expect it to explode and make a MESS of your interior - everywhere will be covered with a sticky mess!  Ugh. 

Candy left on the seat - yep, an ooey gooey chocolaty mess (and no, don't try to eat it or save it either)! 

A lone ink pen or God forbid, a crayon!  Permanent damage. 

I have recently read to make sure you don't leave electronics in the car either.  The heat is deadly to batteries and the intricate wiring of our portable devices. 

Last, but definitely not least, don't leave your kids in the car for even a minute as the heat is deadly - and cracking the window makes no difference at all.

Well, knowing that the car is HOT!  I have decided to do a mini summer series on fun things you can do in a hot, hot car!

Armed with my family car, watch for some fun things that
you can do on a HOT, HOT, HOT summer day!

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  1. Fun things to do in a hot car? Cook pancakes on your dash :)


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