Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple Tote Bags for the Littles

My kids love to look over my shoulder when I am on the computer and are constantly commenting on the various blogs, websites and things I am surfing.  The other day my daughter saw a cute bag on the screen and declared that she must have one.  I found a simple pattern and today we worked on it together.  She did such an amazing job on her first project, the butterfly pillow.  She easily could have sewn the entire thing today if it weren't for the fact that she has no patience for pinning, ironing and lining things up.  After sewing the first few sides, she was done so I finished it up.

I used the awesome tutorial provided by Skip to My Lou for a Simple Reversable Tote Bag.  I love how it turned out and that it is reversable so it is like 2 bags in one!  My daughter has already loaded it up with books, stuffies and more!

OF COURSE - the boy wanted one too!  And who am I to deprive my child of his wants!  Looking at my pile of mostly girly fabrics, I remembered I had bought this pair of Madras Plaid men's shorts at the thrift store for $1 that would be perfect.  A bag, and a repurposed project - I'm in! 

{DISCLAIMER:  I was planning to do this as a tutorial, however I was so excited to make it that I couldn't be bothered with taking the necessary photos!  Again, using the general idea of the Simple Reversable Tote Bag form Skip to My Lou, I set out to make a bag! (Oh, come on, I am not the only one that gets so excited about a project that tutorial blogging becomes an afterthought! Right?!?)}

Here is what I started with...

I turned the shorts inside out and cut them off right at the crotch line.  I then sewed the bottom of the let closed.  I then turned one of the legs inside out and inserted it into the other, pinning the tops together along with a simple strap I made out of a piece of muslin.  Following the directions from Skip to My Lou, I sewed the two pieces together, leaving about a 2" opening to turn the bag right side out.  I then ironed the seam and sewed a double stitch all around the top, securing the opening with this decorative top stitch.

The boy is so happy! He couldn't wait to show it off!

I love how the bags turned out!  They truly were simple and fun!  They will be great little bags for the kids to bring a few toys and books when we go on our road trip in a couple weeks!

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  1. What a cute little project! Wish I could sew. LOL.

  2. They turned out great! Love the fabrics!

  3. I love the bags! Thanks for sharing!

  4. very cute. My husband has some plaid shorts like that. I might have to steal them!


  5. Great recycle project. I turned the top of pair of my husbands old jeans into a sewing machine cover.
    Joined you on GFC. Stop by for the Sundae Scoop.

  6. That is so cute that he wanted one too... and his is definitely very boy-ish. I would love it if you would stop by and enter this project at the crafty link party I am just starting. :) Rachel

  7. Adorable bags! I featured them on my site today. Come check it out if you get a chance:

  8. The bags look so good :) Awesome idea!


  9. I am visiting via Someday Crafts.

    This is a fantastic project! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I love the recycled shorts! My little guy often will ask for a dress when I make lots of dresses for his sisters. I think I'll have to make him a bag next time he asks for something... he really just wants me to make him something too.

  11. Great idea! :) Turned out so cute. Following from I Heart Naptime link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog {if you haven‘t already!}. Hope to see you there.


  12. I love this! The bags turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Too cute! I would love for you to link up on Thursday to "It's a Party"!

  14. Really cute totes, I especially love the up-cycled tote from shorts. What a great idea!

  15. Adorable, 'green', creative - these have it all.

    I'm your newest follower.

  16. I love it! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!


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