Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flip Flops: for BOYS and GIRLS

Today my daughter is having a play date with one of her best friends, who moved to Texas a couple of years ago.  Oh how we miss their family.  Fortunately, they have family here so we still get to see them on occasion!

I decided to have a few fun projects for the kids today.  This morning we made summer flip flops for the girls and a pair for Bubba Z too!  There are tons of fun tutorials out there for cute, frilly, girly flip flops using everything from ribbons, bows, jewels and more.  My internet search for boys flip flops was pretty limited.  So we got a bit creative. 

We decided to make water balloon flip flops for the girls and MONSTER flip flops for Bubba Z.  Our supplies were simple, water ballons that we tied around the straps of the sandals and googly eyes that we glued onto the straps.

So if you have a boy, get creative and they can have fun flip flops too.  How about glueing little plastic bugs, Legos, wheels off of old Matchbox cars.  Oh the possibilities!

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