Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Christmas in July} #5 - Dessert Plate

Several years ago my Mom made these simple Christmas dessert plates.  She took a plain clear glass plate that she found at the dollar store and decoupaged some holiday fabric on the bottom side.   It takes a bit of work to smooth out the bubbles and wrinkles but it turns out great. I decided to take her project a step further and glue it to a crystal candlestick with E6000 glue to make a dessert pedestal which will look awesome on our holiday buffet.

I will be making a bunch of these this holiday season to deliver Holiday cookies to my friends and neighbors - a treat and gift, all in one!  These could be customized for any holiday or special event.  After seeing the Halloween fabrics in the store the other day, I am thinking that would be fun too!

Note:  The decoupage and E6000 glue requires that the plates be hand washed.

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  1. How neat! I never would have thought to glue a plate to a candlestick! Now you've got my brain going...

  2. Lindsay - there are lots of fun things you can do with candle sticks - dessert trays, apothecary jars and more! Google it, there are tons of ideas all over blogland!

  3. Very cute these stands will never get old and this is another angle of how to do it. Thanks for sharing!


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