Friday, July 29, 2011

Back Seat Organizers

I have two issues with the back seat of my car...

#1:  The kids love to put their feet on the back of the seats which has made them nasty and dirty.  Dislike!

#2:  With my older kids - we have more small toys, notebooks, pencils and books lingering on the floor along with empty wrappers, paper and other garbage.  Major dislike.

This led me to the idea to sew up a little garbage bag for the trash.  Well, that simple project turned in to a bigger project ... back seat organizers for each of the kids.

I did a little research on Google and determined that I really just needed to measure my car and start sewing based on the functions I wanted for my kids and needs.  I had picked up a yard of  some great outdoor canvas at JoAnn's awhile back for just $3.  It was perfect, and I love how I could use the stripes in opposite directions to add some interest to the organizers.

I added pockets on the bottom to hold coloring books/notebooks and toys.  With these two pockets, I added a simple pleat in the middle of each pocket so that they can expand a bit.  On the larger pocket, I added a smaller front pocket just large enough to hold a box of crayons.

For the top row of pockets I actually made two sets of pockets.  A larger back pocket for books, toys, etc. and a shorter front row of pockets to hold writing pencils, snacks, small toys, etc.

On the top, I sewed on a couple of straps that I simply tied around the posts for the head rests.  I decided on ties so that I can easily remove these and wash them if necessary (see #1 above regarding the feet on the seat issue).

On the bottom of the panels, I sewed on a couple of inexpensive plastic rings which allowed me to put a small bungee cord through and attach to the bottom of the seat.  This holds the organizer flat against the back of the seat so that it does not impede on the leg room of the back seat.

Finally, for the front seat, I whipped up a simply bag that can be lined with a plastic shopping bag to collect trash.  (Yes, I have that looped around my car charger right now - I plan to add a little hook, just need to head to the dollar store.) Love it!

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  1. This looks like a great idea. You did a fantastic job. I wish I could sew.

  2. Clever! I'm just starting to sew and I could really use one of these.

  3. Great idea! I need 4 of these! Nicole @

  4. Ohmygosh I totally these some of these! Please come show this off at my VIP party today!

  5. Love these. You make it look so simple.

    I would love for you to come over and link up at my mommy solution meme.

  6. Great idea! I could totally use one.... ok maybe 3 of those!

  7. What a fabulous idea! I totally need to do some work on my car! If you get a chance I would love it if you could link this up at my party tomorrow night. Great job!
    Jenn :)

  8. Love this DIY! So glad you shared!! I've become your newest fan {follower}, would love for you to stop on by!


  9. This is so smart! I am obsessed with anything that makes my family's life more organized! Thank you for linking up at Home Savvy!

  10. Pinning for use soon, as we are looking at a long car trip in the near future.

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