Friday, September 30, 2011

A Spare House For Sale

One year ago last week, we closed on our forever house.  I can't believe that we have owned this house for a year now.  It really has been a wild ride.  As we venture in to our second year with a huge list of house projects, we are burdened with the fact that we still own our old house.

When we decided to buy this house, we truly believed that our old house would sell quickly.  It is in great condition, well cared for and in a desirable neighborhood/area of town.  The only negative, is that house backs up to a major roadway.  Now, we lived in this house for 8 years and really, never noticed the noise, but the perception is there.  We believed that the house, features and neighborhood would diminish this location issue. 

Unfortunately, the market is rough right now.  Loans are hard to get and many people are upside down on their current homes which makes it impossible for them to move at this time.  In our market the high number of foreclosures and short sales has resulted in market flooded with more houses than buyers.  These foreclosures have also driven down the average sale price.  Grrrr.

We have given some thought to renting it out and waiting for the market to come around, but really, we have no desire to be landlords.  Having rental property in our minds is a lot of headaches.  Will they pay their rent?  How much maintenance will there be?  Will these renters care for "our" home in the same way we do?

We have decided to give one last push to sell this house in the next 30 days with an aggressive pricing strategy.  Oh yeah, and I am praying to dear St. Joseph every hour!

Wish us luck.  And say a little prayer if you have a minute!  And if you are looking for a home in the Tucson area, let me know - I would be happy to send you the MLS listing!!!


  1. Good luck. It took us two years to sell our house, and at a loss. I hope you do better than that.

  2. Yeah! It is pretty tough to sell a house right now. But I think that this old house has a lot of potential and there are many buyers out there who would love to own a house like this one. The structure of the house is gorgeous and the backyard is huge. It will sell soon! Good luck!

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