Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Overcoming Fear

Last week I took on a huge fear of mine ... sewing something from a pattern.  Yikes!  I have had these patterns and the fabric sitting here for several months and I finally got the courage up to give it a try.

I have opened the envelopes several times, unfolded the patterns, read the directions and then neatly and quickly folded them up and put them away.  I couldn't do it.  Until last week.  I wanted to make some flannel pajamas for my kids and decided the worst that could happen is that I hate them and go buy them jammies!

Guess what?  I love them!  And I have {somewhat} overcome my fear.

Ignore the fact that my children were having a serious case of the sillies when I tried to take these photos.

This whole project started with a piece of pink cat flannel that I picked up at a yard sale.  My daughter LOVES kittens, obsessed really so this fabric was "purr"fect (sorry, I couldn't help myself).  I laid out the pattern and realized that I didn't have enough fabric for sleeves so I ran to JoAnns and found a great pink stripe to use for sleeves.

After a quick phone call to my friend Heather from No Business Like Sew Business to coach me through the cutting, I made the first cut!  Phew!  It was easier than I thought.  She gave me a couple of tips and reminded me that I can do this.  Fortunately, the pattern was pretty straight forward.  I headed to the machine and within an hour I had a completed nightgown.

I can't wait to make a few more night gowns and some pajama pants for those colder evenings.  Speaking of pajama pants and confidence.  Since this first attempt at sewing with a pattern was a success, I opened up another pattern.  I know, crazy!

My son saw the nightgown and wanted something too - so while we were at JoAnns picking up the striped fabric, I let him pick out a piece of flannel for pajama pants.  We found this awesome Cars flannel.  I loved the bright blue with our favorite characters - Lightning McQueen and Mater!  It was a match made in heaven.

As soon as we got home he couldn't wait for me to start.  Of course, I had to pre-wash the fabric and that took awhile but as soon as the dryer went off he was pulling it out and begging me to get started.  The pants were a breeze - 4 pieces, quick sew.  The biggest issue I had is that I made the size Small and really should have made the XS as they were rather large.  Although after washing them once, they already seem to fit better.  He is SOOOO excited about his pants. 

While we were at JoAnn's I found a couple of these gray t-shirts on clearance for $1.99.  I want to put an applique of Lightning McQueen and Mater on it so it looks like a matched set.  We also picked up a piece of fleece to make some warmer pants too. 

After fearing the pattern - I overcame that initial haste and put a scissors to the fabric and am so glad I did.  By no means am I ready for anything too fancy but I now know, I CAN DO IT!

P.S.  Thanks Heather for giving me the courage to make that first cut!  You are amazing!

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