Friday, August 5, 2011

{Dads Ties} Rosettes

Awhile back, my Mom gave me a few of my Dad's ties with the mission to make something out of them as a keepsake for me and my sisters.  My father passed away a little over a year ago and while we have lots of memories of him and keepsakes of his woodworking, this would give us a different kind of reminder - his kind and gentle side.  Oh, how I miss him!

I have seen many posts of necklaces, pins, headbands, etc. using old ties and rosettes.  This isn't really my or my sisters style, however I loved the rosettes so I decided to proceed.  The rich floral tones of the ties were perfect.  I have a bigger plan for the rosettes but really wanted to share this first stage of the transformation. 

Using some of the many different tutorials out there for fabric rosettes, I gathered my scissors, some felt, my glue gun, a needle thread and some beautiful metal buttons.  I cut my strips and started twisting, turning and gluing the fabric to the felt to form my rosette.  Then I simply sewed the button to the center.

I need to make some more as I have decided to make some for my Mom as well.  Watch for the part two of the project to come!


  1. What a wonderful way to keep something that will remind you of your dad.

  2. Super cute! I have never seen tie crafts! I love it!


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