Monday, March 28, 2011

For The Love of My Dad!

One year ago today, Monday, March 28th, my beautiful and wonderful father passed away.  I miss him everyday.  I think about the wonderful things that he taught me and my siblings over the years.  My Dad was hard working and a man of the earth - he believed in hard work and getting your hands dirty and that is just a couple of the traits I learned from him that I treasure so dearly.  One of his passions and talents was woodworking.  His legacy is a plethora of wood projects that he built - mostly without ever using a pattern - that he shared with his family and that hold a special place in the homes of my mom, me, my siblings and my nieces and nephews.

Me and my Dad on my Wedding Day in 2002 - one of my most treasured memories of my Dad!

In honor of my dad, I want to share a few of these projects that I cherish in my home.  Everything that my father built was made with love.  Each piece is built to last, is solid wood (mostly oak) and is perfect.  Each piece was truly a labor of love.  He made sure that each and every kid, grandkid and great-grandkid had atleast one piece that was made by him.  I cannot tell you how much the pieces that are in my home mean to me.


Matching nightstands - 2

Deacons Bench


Doll Crib




There is one more piece, a cocktail table that I was unable to take a picture of because it was covered up with too much stuff and I did not have time to pull it out and take a picture before we left on vacation.  I am sure there are a few smaller things as well.  I was a bit sad to move from our old house because my Dad had helped us pull the center out of a couple of the kitchen cabinet doors and replace them with glass.  Everytime I opened that door I thought of him.  I will try to share pictures of that project another day as it was such a great and easy project to add some character to a kitchen.

I love you and miss you Dad!!!

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  1. Your Dad did beautiful work! That is so nice that you have those tangible reminders of him to look at.


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