Saturday, December 25, 2010

Countdown to a New Year!!!

The benefit of moving just over a block is that you don't have to carry anything very far.  The detriment of that is you don't really pack.  This makes an intersting dillema when you keep your same "systems" in place that worked (or maybe didn't work) so great in your old space - but just don't seem to as effective in the new space.  We packed up cabinets and moved them from one space to another without really having a plan.  We moved dressers without emptying drawers which meant, no purging was done.

Now, factor in that today is Christmas day and our living room appears that a toy store and half of Target have exploded right here in our new home.  It is time for a serious 7-day dump - it is time to rid ourselves of the unwanted, unused, and unneeded.  I want to start 2011 with a clean slate - so this week some major decrapification needs to happen.  Thus, is born....

We will dig through drawers, comb through closets, purge the playroom and more!  The countdown to a new year starts tomorrow morning at (well, whatever time I decide to drag my booty out of bed)!!!  Good night!

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