Monday, October 25, 2010

My dream for a Mom Cave!

I work from home doing online work.  I manage our household financials and ever growing calendar of events (with a 3 & 5 yr old).  I am an avid couponer.  I love to scrapbook and do crafts (and hope to find more time to do both).  I assist with homework, started this blog and do my best to care for my family in the best way I know how.  So....the "office" in our new home will be my Mom Cave!

I am very excited to have a room - with a door!  Right now it is a blank slate with beautiful blue walls and nothing else.  We will move our desk and some of my favorite Expedit shelves from Ikea in but after that, it is nothing.  In our current home (the one we hope sells soon!), the office is in the living room with the desk serving as a sofa table and the craft "room" (if you can call it that) is an Expedit book shelf in our Master Closet, the coupons are in the coat closet and the excess office supplies are in our son's closet.  Having one locations for everything will be incredible.

My vision for this new space is comfort, style, and function.  It will be a work in progress, but I look forward to comfy desk chairs (yes, 2 as I will share the space with Gary - as a business owner he is called upon to work at home on occasion).  I would also like a great, stylish chair in the corner to sit and read a magazine, enjoy a cup of coffee or whatever.  We will need lamps, some fun art and a command center with calendars and places to put the "paper" that enters and exits the house.  We will need some additonal office storage solutions (I am a Virgo and my desire for organization is in my blood).

I can't wait to move in!  Let the Mom Cave commence!


  1. I like your plan, and I laughed when I read "with a door!" Sometimes it IS so nice to be able to shut the door and just be. ;) Visiting from Kate's Mom Cave party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

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