Friday, June 3, 2011

Window Treatments for Bubba Z

Decorating the kids rooms has definitely been a work in progress.  Bubba Z's room is coming together and with the installation of some awesome window treatments, I just had to share!  The idea for Bubba Z's room is a little bit patriotic, a little bit old school, a little bit transportation and a touch of rustic, outdoor charm.  I know that sounds a bit all over the place but the room is truly a work in progress.  We are not so much looking for a theme as a feeling and a color scheme.  And I think we have a great start.  The base of the room is three denim blue walls with one deep red accent wall.  The accents are in red, an earthy green, white and deep brown wood.

The newest addition to the room is the red & white horizontal awning striped drapes with fun grommit details.  I searched online for what we wanted but couldn't find anything so I headed to the discount fabric store and found the perfect outdoor awning fabric in deep red and white stripes. 

I would like to say I sewed them myself (straight lines, I "could" do that, right) however I have an awesome seamstress friend who helped me out.  All I had to do was watch her adorable daughter for a couple of hours! LOVE HER!  (By the way, Heather just started a blog at No Business Like Sew Business - check it out!) 

It wasn't quite as simple as straight lines.  There was a bit of math and calculation involved.  The fabric was a vertical stripe, and I wanted horizontal stripes.  So we had to piece it together.  Fortunately, with the stripe, we were able to do it in a way that you cannot even see it.  She simply sewed right on the line of the stripe.

See, you can't even see it, unless you look very close - look at the top of the red stripe, it is hardly visable.

Last weekend, I installed the grommits.  These are a plastic grommit from JoAnn's (they come in all sorts of colors but we wanted a stainless steel accent in this room.  The grommits come with a nifty template to trace out the circle you must cut out of the fabric and then you "simply" snap the two piece grommit together.  I say simply because with 3 thicknesses of this outdoor awning fabric at the header, snapping these together took alot of muscle and a bit of finness.

They look awesome and really bring some personality to the room.  I love the red and white stripes against the blue wall.

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  1. I love the big Z and the name frame!

  2. So cute. I love stripes. What a deal to have found such a seamstress.

    I stopped by from tatertots and jello.

  3. They look great. Good call on the colors and the vertical choice. I'm curious to know what you had to pay per yard for the fabric.

    Your friend did a fabulous job. I'm going to visit her site.

    I love stripes so much I have to be careful I don't overdo them.

  4. These turned out great! What a classic look, love!

  5. These are STUNNING!!! I ♥ stripes & the color red. And these might be the perfect addition to my craft room!

  6. They really add a great touch!

  7. Gahh I need that fabric for a big top circus birthday! No discount stores here though. Love the room so far.

    Visiting via Tip Junkie

  8. I wish I had a friend that can sew like that I cant sew straight lines

  9. I love stripes! Your curtains look amazing! I would love if you would link up this project to our {{What I Made Wednesday Linky Party}}! Thanks!


  10. I love red and white ~ your panels are wonderful! Love the way these turned out and am loving that big monogram on the wall too! Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime! :)

  11. They look great! I used some of those grommets too and you are right.......takes some muscle and an exact placement to get them to click together!

  12. Lori - I love these too. The stripe is so classic and perfect for a little guys room! They look fantastic! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  13. I love the curtains. I am getting ready to redo my son's room in red white and blue theme, thanks for the idea.

  14. I love the designs made. They fit perfectly.

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