Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick & Cheap: Back Door Makeover

I love to wake up and make a quick and cheap update to my house that brings a smile to my face.  Today's project does just that. 

I was wiping down the door knobs and light switches around the house to help tackle germs during this flu season.  When I got to the garage door I noticed how dirty and scuffed it was so decided to wipe it no avail, it was just too dirty.

I decided to give our back door - the one that comes from the garage - a little freshening up.  The perfect subject for a Quick and Cheap makeover.

To start this makeover I headed to my paint stash.  I found a great little sample jar of green paint from Lowes.  It was a little duller than I wanted so I stirred in some blue paint I had on hand which gave me the color I was looking for.

Within a few minutes, I had a coat of paint on the door.  A little later, I brushed on a second coat.  Perfect.

While the paint was drying, I pulled out the Silhouette Machine (my Christmas present from the hubby - LOVE HIM!).  I did a little search of Pinterest for ideas but didn't like what I was finding.  Welcome home seemed to boring.  Instructions to remove shoes and hang up coats seemed to nagging.

A quick web search and I happened upon some quotes from Dr. Seuss.  Fun.  Simple. And brings a smile to your face.  A quick download of the "Grinched" font and I was in business.

Now, isn't that an awesome saying to greet us when we come home from a long day away!

Here is the before and after...

By definition, Quick and Cheep makeovers are just that - quick and cheap!  So here is the breakdown...

  • $3   Paint Sample (1/2 left)
  • $1   Vinyl  (if even)
  • 45   Minutes (not counting paint drying time)

I kind of look forward to leaving the house, just so I can come home and see this greeting me!


  1. Painting the door with another color is good enough for a makeover. But with the addition of the quotation, you gave your door character, making this makeover really special. And, you’re right that a simple welcome can be a bit boring, so I applaud you for choosing a fun quote. This door is definitely worth coming home to!

    Vernie Herr

  2. Good job, Lori! The transformation you did brought an exciting mood to your house. And I soo like the quote! I’ve read an article stating that posting a quote on your door can keep you motivated throughout the day.

    Sharron Folkes

  3. I think your door looks way better now and the color is just right. It matches the interior of your house. Simple changes in your home can really change the ambiance of your house and it can certainly make you feel better. I often do some small renovations at home as well. I like to hang new decors or simply change the location of some furniture.

  4. Security is one of the #1 elements in choosing a backdoor. Technology has come alone way, so the options are endless.

  5. looks great.. i love this makeover for back door..
    thanks for share this


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