Monday, October 22, 2012

Glitzy Book Rack

Hey everyone!  I know I have been off the grid for a long time, but I am going to try to get back at the blogging thing.  A month ago or so, I shared this project on The CSI Project.  My daughter loves her new book rack which sits on her desk with her journals and diaries.

This weekly challenge that week was "glitter" and I must admit, when Dee challenged me with this I was more than a bit scared.  I like glitz and glam and all (and so does my seven year old), however I have never really tackled any "glitter" projects.  I had visions of glitter EVERYWHERE, and not where it was supposed to be.

Immediately, I had an idea to make a book rack for on my daughters dresser to hold her journals, doodle books, etc.  Perfect - complete a fun challenge and fulfill a need in my home!  Bonus!

My plan was to find a couple figurines at the thrift store, glue them to a board, paint them and glitter them up using Glitter Blast spray paint!  Well, I tested the Glitter Blast spray paint and it was a huge fail.  It was splotchy and messy and really not the effect I was going for.

So plan "B" was to use Modge Podge and glitter.  I walked around the craft store for nearly an hour holding a large container of glitter and the glue.  I was not looking forward to this project.  Honestly, I was PRAYING that I could find another solution.  I knew I still had to find the figurines and my thrift store visits thus far had not been successful.  It's THURSDAY!  This project is due and I am frozen!

After walking up and down EVERY aisle, there it was, in the dollar bins by the check-out.  I found two wooden peace signs - just the right size and they even had a flat bottom which meant they would adhere easily to my board.  Wrong color but who cares.  I would paint them.  For the glitter, I saw some fun glitter ribbon in the back of the store.  Perfect.  I would wrap the peace signs and get the effect of glue and glitter without the mess.

I headed home and immediately go to work.  I quickly painted my board and the peace signs blue.  I decided to go with blue because my daughters room is mostly pink and green and we are trying to introduce a few more accent colors to tone down the pink.

Then, using some craft glue, I glued the glitter ribbon along the outside of the peace signs (not the bottoms) and around the base of the board.  The ribbon was porous which surprised me a bit.  It allowed the glue to bleed through which was okay because I had planned to use a layer of Modge Podge to contain some of the glitter loss.  To add some more glitz I added some ribbon to the inside of the peace sign as well.  It was just the right amount of glitter.

I then glued the peace signs to opposite ends of the board.  My plan is to screw these in with a couple of small wood screws from the bottom, however my husband took the drill to his office a couple of days ago to work on a project so I couldn't complete the project.  It will definitely need to be secured as the glue is not very strong.

Overall, I love how this project turned out!  And I learned that glitter does not have to mean containers of loose glitter and sparkly dust all over your home.  There are a variety of products out there that give you glitter, without actually spilling 2 ounces of loose glitter.

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