Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pom-Pom T-Shirt Knock-Off

It is getting warm and of course, my nothing short sleeved in my kids drawers fits them.  They both have seemed to jump a size in the past several months.  So this week I went through their drawers and pulled out everything that was on the small side.  What it left was well...not much. 

We headed out to find some new shorts and t-shirts for the looooooooong Arizona summers.  They need to last for at least the next 6 months.  Both kids have now transitioned from the "toddler" section of the store to the "kid" section.  What I found with many of the graphic tees is that the content is definitely directed to the older child.  I didn't feel that the designs were appropriate for my 5 and 6 year olds.

The alternative was simple.  I picked up a stack of plain t-shirts in a variety of colors for each of them.  Then I headed to the dollar store to pick up a bunch of adult t-shirts (just a dollar each - which is the perfect price since they were going to be cut up - I can't get used t-shirts that cheap) in a variety of colors and headed home.

I searched a bunch of my favorite children's specialty retailers for ideas and was excited when I came across the Spotty Dotty T-Shirt from Mini Boden.  I loved 3-D effect on this shirt and knew that my daughter would too!  What I didn't like was the $28 price tag. 

Source:  Mini Boden

I grabbed my $5 t-shirt, the bag of pom-poms from the kid's art supplies, a needle & some thread!

Using a piece of paper and a hole punch I created my pattern.  I folded the paper, cut out a heart shape and placed it on the shirt, adjusting the pattern until I liked the size and placement.  I then punched holes in the edge of my pattern about every inch.  Placing the pattern back on the t-shirt, I used a washable marker to place a small dot in each hole.

I then determined my pattern and began sewing each pom-pom in place.

This process was tedious and I have decided that I could never do long periods of hand-sewing.  My wrist, the one I broke roller-skating a year ago definitely hurt a lot during this process.  That being said, I absolutely LOVE this fun t-shirt and as you can see from the smile on my daughter's face, she loves it too!

This was a relatively simple project and such a fun way to embellish a simple t-shirt.  Mini Boden also offers their Spotty Dotty shirts in the shape of a star and a butterfly but really, the possibilities with this are endless.

Tomorrow I will be back sharing a fun t-shirt refashion for my son!  See you tomorrow.

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