Monday, March 26, 2012

PROJECT Check-Up! I'm back!

Well, I have nothing more to say than - sorry if you thought I dropped off the face of the earth.  I didn't, I am here and I am trying to get back in to blogging. 

Despite not being around, we have actually completed a few projects around the house.  This week I will begin to share the progress we have made on our 24 projects on our To Do list (a laundry list of to-dos fashioned after the list of fellow blogger Allison at House of Hepworths)!  These are projects both big and small that we have been putting off for various reasons and just need to get them done. 

Since I published this list, I have had many friends say that they too have a list of projects and quick repairs that they just keep putting off.  So here is a taste of a few of the projects that we have knocked off this list!

The very first weekend of this challenge, we were able to complete 6 projects in just 2 days and still have some fun and family time.  That should give you an idea of how easy it was - so get off the computer and just do it!  (Since we are now almost 2 months later reporting in, you can see that blogging about these is much more difficult!) 

Here are the first 2 projects!  DONE!  Yay us!

{ Project #2 }
Replace popped light switches{DONE}

This was an easy one!  Well sort of.  We had replaced several of these switches when we originally bought the house but missed a couple.  My husband grabbed the contractors box of switches we had bought. 

Hint:  Look for a deal.  If you need a bunch of something, check if they sell them in multi-packs.  We needed 8 or so switches so instead of buying them individually, we purchased a contractors pack (at Lowes) that had 12 switches for a deeply discounted price.  The contractors pack was the same price as if we had purchased 3 or 4 inidividually.

We did have to make a quick trip to Lowes though.  The switch in the hallway is a "common swtich" - meaning that there are two switches that control that one light.  We have a switch by the back door and a switch at the other end of the hallway that allows you to turn the light on from either end of the hall.  Well, these types of switches have one additional connection on them called the common line.  This line recognizes whether the light is on or off and determines what the switch needs to do when it is flipped.

The trip was quick and the project is DONE!  Yay us!
{ Project #7 }
Repair and repaint ceiling in front room ►{DONE}

Again this was a quick one.  My wonderful husband scraped away the little bit of flaking texture.  Then, using a basic spray on knock-down texture we filled in the area.  While you wouldn't use this aerosol spray texture for an entire room, it is perfect for patch jobs and repairs.

Make sure to protect your floor and anything else in the area as you will likely have some over spray.  Once you have prepped your area, simply follow the direction on the can.  We sprayed a light to medium coat of texture over our desired area.  After about 5 minutes we went back in and gently "knocked it down" with a wide scraper or trowel. 

We let it dry for a day and then touched up the paint. While it is not "perfect" it sure looks alot better than it did previously.  Ultimately, we need to repaint this entire section of ceiling but to be honest, that is NOT happening any time soon.  For now, ceiling repair and touch-up - DONE!

I will be back tomorrow with a couple of more projects that we have checked off the list!

Have a great week!

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