Friday, April 15, 2011

Map Inspired!

I love to travel - WE love to travel.  I have been so inspired by the many wonderful map projects I have seen recently and realized I had the perfect room to put this idea to work.  We have a small powder room on our first floor that I have struggled with an idea for some decor in this room.

BEFORE - When we bought the house
Please ignore the open cabinet and toilet lid being open!

Step 1 - Paint & New Mirror
When we moved in, this room was beige, just like the rest of the house.  We found a gallon of Martha Stewart paint in a soft, earthy blue on the Oops! cart at Home Depot.  It was perfect.  I also found an awesome mirror at one of the grocery stores for a meer $8.99 which was the perfect replacement for the builder grade frameless mirror.  As a bonus, the finish on it matches the light fixture in this small bathroom. 

We decided to remove the large towel bar since we really only needed a hand towel in this small powder room. This left a big, open wall. With lots of cabinetry and storage in this room (which is awesome by the way), there is also a large counter that seems somewhat bare. This bathroom sits under the steps so it has an odd shape to it as well.

I made some $2 apothecary jars using candlesticks and vases from the dollar store and thrift stores.  I filled those with some homemade decor balls using beans, twine and spray paint.  I found this great little tray at Goodwill and spray-painted it with an oil rubbed bronze finish.

Before                                               After

Found this globe at a thrift store.  The base and frame were kind of a cheap tin so I pulled it apart.  I then grabbed my trusty ORB spray paint and it turned out phenominal.

I headed to the web and found some great maps that I simply enlarged and printed out on my home computer and framed them up.  They are great and I love how they reflect in the mirror.  The colors were perfect with the blue walls.

Next time I am at the used book store (we have an AWESOME one here) I will trade for some travel books to set under the globe!

I love our new travel inspired powder room.

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  1. I love it! The maps in the frames are a very clever idea. Thanks for sharing x


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