Monday, February 28, 2011


Last week was a fundraiser for school at the local roller skating rink.  We went to a birthday party there a few weeks ago and my daughter (who is 5 and in kindergarten) skated for the first time!  She is an adrenalin junkie and very competitive -- so before long she was doing pretty well.  So, of course, we HAD to go to the fundraiser.

Sidenote - The Imagination Movers were in town that night too but I wasn't willing to pay $40 per ticket!  Ahhhhh...hindsight can be cruel.

My hubby was out of town for the day at a meeting so my Mom (who is visiting us ths month - yeah!) took the kids.  I strapped on a pair of skates - it has been 20+ years and got the kids up and rolling.

I would love to say that I am a hot roller derby momma, but sadly no.  S fell so I used that lovely orange stopper on the front of my classic tan rental skates, lost my balance and CRACK!!!  Yep, fell on my butt and tried to "catch" myself with my hands.  DON'T DO THIS BY THE WAY!  As loud as the music was I swear I heard the bones in my right wrist crack - and yes, I am right-handed!

I called my husband who had just gotten back into town and suggested he swing by the roller rink and take me to the ER!  Just over 2 hours later (not bad for a busy ER), I was home with a big ole splint and some good drugs!

I crushed one of the 2-3 bones I broke which translates to surgery this week.  I still want to accomplish a few projects but will have to see how this week plays out.  Will try a couple organizing and planning projects instead of the crafting and decor I hoped to accomplish.

Huge shout out to my Mom, my husband and my kids for stepping up and waiting on me while I mend.  It is great for a while but I hate that I can't hardly do anything for myself.

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. It's weird how as we get older things happen to us that would've never happened ten years ago. Feel better.


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