Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mastering the Art of Being a Cookie Mom

My baby girl is a kindergartner and a very proud Daisy scout - her first year!  When the call was made to find a cookie mom for the troop, I excitedly volunteered (I know, I had NOOOOO idea what I was getting myself in to!).  I love Girl Scout cookies as most everyone does and I really wanted my baby to experience this.  I was never a GS so this world is very new to me.

So while everyone in blogland is busy organizing and cleaning their homes this week -- I have been trying to get my self organized for cookie sales which began TODAY!  Here in Arizona we do cookies on demand, so instead of taking your order and then waiting for them, we get the cookies up front and sell them cash & carry!

Yesterday my husband and I went to pick up our initial order for our troop (17 girls).  I had pre-ordered 64 cases but since we had room in the truck (wasn't sure what would fit) we picked up 42 additional cases.  Yes, at one point yesterday, I was in possesion of  1272 boxes of girl scout cookies - YUM! 

**1/23 update - you can fit more than 110 cases of cookies into a Honda Pilot and I now have over 2000 boxes of cookies at my house - YIKES!!!!**

So my organizing included breaking up the boxes so each girl would get their intial order.  I made a spreadsheet to help me keep track of what everyone has and to master my inventory.  I can tell you now, I will be headed to the cupboards tomorrow to pick up another 100+ boxes!  Crazy stuff!!!  (The cupboards is where we go to pick up additional boxes of cookies throughout the sale - as there is no way we could get them all up front - can you say warehouse.) 

I am just glad that we have a big open room in our new house that has not been given a true purpose yet - great place to store those cookies!!!

S & I had fun creating her Cookie Mobile too!  We repurposed the canvases that I had painted to match her bedspread at our other house as the colors were perfect for the big cookie sale!  Everyone loves her mobile cookie store!

** If you are in Tucson, let me know if you need some cookies!  My girl would love to get you the boxes that you need  want!!!**


  1. LOL! I stumbled across your post by accident and literally burst out laughing. I am a first time cookie mom too! I am going to be enjoying a BIG glass of wine at 5pm tomorrow night as I am finishing up the deposits from the last site sale. Oh my goodness. I had NO idea what I got myself into. :) Good luck!

    P.S. I wrote a post about GS cookies too!

  2. I have to pick up 76 cases in my pilot tomorrow.... are you saying they'll fit because everywhere else I read says no =(


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