Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Ours - Let the Adventure Begin

It's official, we took possession and we have keys, after a few ups and downs.  The pump had went out on the pool and the bank agreed to fix it.  They replaced the pump, drained the pool, pressure washed it and put it all back together - and then...didn't maintain it, so it was green again.  At the last minute, they got it taken care of to our satisfaction and the closing went through without a hitch.

Now we are busy - really busy.

Cleaning - how can people live in such filth - dirt, dust, splatters, stains and more, so much more

Repairing - how can people have so little pride in their possessions - holes in walls, replacing missing fixtures, repairing broken fixtures, and more, so much more

Trust me, you will not believe some of the stories we have to share.

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